First Aid Instructor

Interested in teaching first aid? Become a Canadian Red Cross certified First Aid and CPR instructor!

Interested in teaching first aid? Become a Canadian Red Cross certified First Aid Instructor! Visit to learn more about training and certification.Our First Aid Instructor course provides students with the knowledge and skills to teach the fundamental first aid courses listed on this page.

Participants must successfully complete a skills evaluation and have valid certification in the program they wish to teach.

This course includes:

  1. An online Fundamentals of Instruction component (8 hrs)
  2. An application of fundamentals classroom component (14.5 hrs)
  3. An online Teaching Experience module (30-34 min) and a classroom component with the support of a Teaching Experience supervisor

Successful students earn a three-year First Aid & CPR Instructor certificate.

Advanced Emergency Care Instructor

Are you interested in teaching advanced first aid?

This eight-hour course is designed for candidates with a focus on instructing professional responder courses such as Emergency Medical Responder, First Responder, and Advanced First Aid. Content includes:

  • Introducing a course
  • Specialized instructional techniques
  • Organizing courses
  • Specific course content
  • Skills and scenario practice teaching
  • Self-assessment

Participants must have valid Emergency Medical Responder or Advanced First Aid certification and completion of the First Aid Instructor course.

Successful students earn a three-year certification as Advanced Emergency Care Instructor.

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